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jComm Media Launches Website!

I am excited to share the news of my boss and mentor’s launch of her company website. It has been in the works for a few weeks now & its finally launched! I think that Matt at 540 Design Studio did a great job at conveying Judy’s personality and expertise in a straightforward and elegant way.

We also launched our Facebook page earlier this week, so be sure to “like” it!

Looking forward to adding more clients and client coverage to the site. Okay, better get back to pitching!


jComm Media

jComm Media


2011 More/Fitness Half Marathon, Central Park April 3

Its part of my job to pitch, so I was a bit reluctant to respond to the More and Fitness PR team when emailed about my participation in this year’s Half Marathon. In fact, I didn’t respond. Representing a fitness expert, my main focus and goal is to get HER in the magazine! I’ll just stick to the race. I will say though that I did ask myself many of the same questions pitched to me during my training, to set a goal, to focus and to stick with it.

Its been a little over 8 weeks since I started “beginner level” training (can jog two miles without stopping) and amazingly I am feeling ready and confident to take on those 13.1 miles this Sunday.  So, I thought I would finally answer those questions pitched to me all those weeks ago. Here I am on the other end of a pitch and approaching a finish line.

From the More/Fitness PR Team:

Are you running or walking the More/FITNESS Half-Marathon? Is this your first time participating?

I am running! I never thought once of walking during this race. This is my first time running a race ever and the longest I have ever run before training is about 3 miles.

Why did you decide to participate in the race?
I really wanted to set a goal for myself and do something I have never done before. I have never been athletic and never really pushed my body to its limits.

Is this your first race ever? If not, how many have you participated in?

This was supposed to be my first race ever, but a week before race day Jenny Skoog invited me to run a 15K in Central Park with her. I think it really helped to alleviate my pre-race jitters. I may have over done it planning for a half-marathon for my first race. Looking forward to 5K &10K fun runs!

Are you running with a partner or a team? If not, are you interested in running as part of a team?
I was planning to run alone, but I have since found a running partner (Jenny) and several of her friends are running as well. I was reluctant to join a team being so new at running. I am thinking of joining one later.
How have your friends, family and coworkers reacted to the news that you’re participating in the More/FITNESS Half Marathon?
Everyone has been so supportive! Even in the beginning when I thought, “What did I just commit myself to??” I had the support of family & friends. Training also took over parts of my social life & everyone has been very understanding.What has been most rewarding is when I hear that I’ve inspired someone (me?!).
Was there a specific motivating factor behind your decision to participate in this year’s race?
Representing a fitness expert, lets just say I’ve learned a lot about fitness! I was motivated to put my knowledge and know how on the line and push myself to meet a physical challenge. 

Do you blog? Do you use social media (twitter/Facebook/etc)? If so, do you plan to share your experience with your social network?

Yes,, Facebook & Twitter: @freshflack 

What’s your goal for this race?
My initial goal was to finish the race in 2:30, but I have changed that to 2:15.

Do you have any training tips or advice for other women who are running the race or who would like to start training?
Start slow, listen to your body. Get advice from a professional and start now! There is no such thing as too much training!

Happy St. Patty’s Day Everyone!

Not a traditional St. Patty’s for this marathon trainee! I’ll be surprised if I get out to the neighborhood pub after my 5 mile run this evening, but if I do, I’ll have “just one” and these great tips from Shape Magazine.

If You’re Lucky Enough To Be A Runner, You’re Lucky Enough – Shape Blog



A Great Week in Media

I have yet to introduce my awesome client Jenny Skoog. Chances are you may have heard of her. If you haven’t yet, you will. She’s a Fitness Expert based in New York with an unbridled passion for what she does. She’ll go toe-to-toe with you on the mats, makes herself extremely available to all her clients and readers alike, and she is pretty much the full-package, ideal client.

This was a great week for Jenny in the Media. She was quoted in an article on 15 Ways to Ditch the Drab (tips 12 & 14) by Lambeth Hochwald, her phone interview with GalTime went up as part of an article titled Are You Addicted to Exercise by Carissa Wright. Yahoo!Shine also picked up Are You Addicted to Exercise and she wrapped up the week with a podcast interview with eHealth Radio that will be up next week. Like I said, if you haven’t heard about her yet, you will!

To learn more about Jenny Skoog visit her website or her blog at or follow her on Twitter: @skoogfit

Ahhh….if only every week could be like this for this fresh flack 😉

Social Media Week Finale. Fashion Week Kickoff.


The end was near for Social Media Week in NYC. Amongst the many parties that evening was Obliterati co-hosted by Small Girls PR and Peter Feld at Sweet & Vicious. A room full of social networkers, publicists, digital entrepreneurs and event organizers. Thankfully, the place was far from what I imagined (a room full of people staring at their tweetdecks). I was pleased to meet the event organizers, panelists, bloggers and the people who do the behind the scenes coding to make it all possible. Great music, great conversation, a room full of talented people. What more can you ask for?


Not only was this weekend the end of Social Media Week, but it was also the beginning of Mercedes New York Fashion Week. Grandlife helped kick it off with a party at Tribeca Grand featuring drinks from Kanon Organic Vodka and sponsered by SWATCH.

In attendance were fashion bloggers  Bryan Boy, Phil Oh (Street Peeper), Rumi Neely (Fashion Toast), Susie Bubble, and Tommy Tom (Jak &Jil),as well as Social Media Week’s Toby Daniels, Lauren Hurst, and Ben Scheim. Performances by CREEP & Nina Sky filled the room as well as fashionisti wearing their creative hearts on their sleeves.

So what did these two events have in common? Social Media of course (!) and the excitement of being on the forefront of something new, ev0lvling and trend setting, not trend following. As quickly as fashion changes, so does the technology that brings us the ability communicate live to a mass audience.



Where Have I been?

Ok so I flaked! I’m a Fresh Flack Flaker (say that 10x fast). Please forgive my absense (anyone even reading this?) Well, as it turns out, when you are learning something new and jumping in head first it takes up your time. So well I haven’t been on my blog I have been busy elsewhere in the blogosphere, facebook and twitter actively promoting awareness on behalf of clients. With Social Media Week occurring in NYC this week, I realized just how out of touch I have become & that there’s no time like the present to get back out there! Anyone else attending this weeks events? So many I would love to go to, but can’t. Thankfully, they are being attended by well connected (online & offline) people who tweet and blog everything I’m missing!

Real Women Talking Across the Nation; A New Online Community to Share Real Life Challenges

What’s the easiest way to get women talking? Ask them a question, and give them the opportunity to be heard! That’s exactly how Real Women Talking, a new online community and soon-to-be book series offering busy and often exhausted women a safe place to vent and share wisdom with other real women talking about issues at the core of today’s woman, started out. More at PR Web.
Real Women talking is an online community for real women to discuss issues related to womanhood, motherhood, marriage and whatever comes to mind. You can participate online through their community, blog, follow them at twitter at @realwomentalk or join their Facebook page. The possibilities are endless when given such freedom and, if you want, anonymity at their site. Join the conversation, vent, share and gather. I hope this provides my readers with a safe place to just “talk”.

It Takes A Village

While watching the Food Network I saw a commercial for a “new” show, Mexican Made Easy with host Marcela Valladolid. As it turns out this is not a new show, but going into its second season. It has been playing on Saturdays since January, but I’ll be adding it to my DVR list. Like most things that interest me, I needed to know who this Marcela was, what this show was like, and why didn’t I know about it? All before even watching an episode. I located an article in the Wall Street Journal written by Katy McLauglin back in March, The Making of a Celebrity Chef. I found everything I “needed” to know here and I can say I appreciated the angle. This article didn’t praise this “new girl” on the Food Network (chopping) block just for being new, it actually focussed on the long road (nay I say traditional) it took her to get there. While I would love for you to read through the article itself. I have to insert an excerpt that especially warranted my attention.

Ms. Valladolid decided to use a small inheritance her mother left her to make a final push for her dream: She hired the Door Marketing Group, which  handles public relations for Rachael Ray, and staged a big book party in New York.

The plan worked. Her new publicists filled the party with media, including a producer for NBC’s “Today” show, who booked Ms. Valladolid for a segment. Ms. Valladolid’s agents, manager and publicists sent copies of the tape to Mr. Tuschman at the Food Network. Convinced she was ready, Mr. Tuschman signed her for a show.

Ms. Valladolid credits her success to her laser focus—”I’ve gotten the opportunity I’d been fighting for 10 years to get,” she says—and to her agents, manager, and publicist.

“You’re only as good as the people who you surround yourself with,” she says.

Vascular Birthmark Advocacy: Helping Save One Face at a Time; Hannah Storm Foundation & Waner Children’s Vascular Anomaly Foundation Host 2nd Annual Advocacy Day

Vascular Birthmark Advocacy: Helping Save One Face at a Time; Hannah Storm Foundation & Waner Children’s Vascular Anomaly Foundation Host 2nd Annual Advocacy Day.

Party, Party, Gawk, Learn

I attended a fabulous (in the big exaggerated SATC way) party this Saturday night. It was flanked with paparazzi, fans, famous faces and press. It appeared to run smoothly enough and I’m pretty sure despite some overcrowding, no shows and fumbles it was deemed a success. After all the hoopla of checking in the crowds, weeding out the non-invitees, making sure that people were where they needed to be even the PR rep running it all took a few minutes to sit, relax and BREATHE! Behind the scenes of a really successful event of a few dozen celebrities, 1000+ guests, 30+ security guards and about 3 dozen staff and bar members all making it happen, is a group a few PR people who thought it could all be done and masterfully orchestrated it.

Even after the long night is over the work is not done for the PR professional. While the guests may go home and sleep off their great night of partying, smoozing and boozing, the PR peeps are busy writing a press release, gathering the checked off names on the guest lists, logging quotes and gathering great photos.

I attended a celebration, a party, a concert, but I also attended an opportunity to learn.

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